The Dark Overlord's foolproof plans have once again been thwarted and someone has to take the blame. Unless you can come up with the best cover story, your services may no longer be needed!


Aye, Dark Overlord! is a funny and fast-paced card game of quick-thinking and shameless excuse-making. One player takes the role of Rigor Mortis, the Dark Overlord, who suffers through ridiculous excuses his cowering goblin minions—the other players—concoct for their most recent failure. With fast and engaging gameplay, Aye, Dark Overlord! is a perfect game to break out during any party or goblin servant gathering.

Appease the Dark Overlord with whatever excuses you can think of… or suffer his wrath!


This game can be played alone or combined with Aye, Dark Overlord!

Aye, Dark Overlord! - The Green Box

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