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GeekOut! Is the game of mind-challenging fun that finds out once and for all which player knows the most about your favorite video game subjects! Players draw cards that list things which fall under a certain category. Before you begin, however, the other players may try to steal your points (and bragging rights!), by bidding to list even more than the card requires. The bidding continues until one player is ready to “out-geek” their friends and family!


The award-winning geek trivia party game is taking over the world of video games! Level up you GeekOut! Game night with this new travel-sized edition exploring video game-related categories like Characters, Settings, Themes. Media Crossovers, and more!


Roll the die to determine the question! Shout out a number of how many answers you can provide! Each player has a chance to outbid you for the answers they can give!



  • Over 350 topics on 70 list cards
  • 20 tokens
  • Colored die
  • Gameboard 
  • Instructions

Combine with other GeekOut! editions for added fun!

Geek Out! Video Games

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