The game called Drinkopoly is being played with the use of the standard game of Monopoly. You don’t have to bother of money, building hotels, houses or even walkway though. What you have to do is ensure you don’t come to that field color with your smallest amount of your favorite drink.
So how to play this blurriest game? The devices of this game are Drinkopoly game board, dice, cards, drinks, and shot glass. First grab some friends to play with. More players are allowed to play this game, but the ideal size group for a night game is somewhere from six-ten players.
Second, ask each friends or visitors to carry a drink or maybe case of beer. Assign a various combined shot, drink or beer to every colored field type before starting the game. Once a player ends up on a field, he/she should drink the combined beer, shot or drink for that color.
Then after that, take turns by rolling the dice just like the old game of Monopoly. Once you roll the dice you will pull a card that entails crazy, fun tasks that every player should do. Assign the job of a banker to the selected driver in your party. Note that in Drinkopoly, the winner is not the one who got the most money. Rather, the loser is the one that drinks a lot that they are not able to count his/her money.


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