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Modern Wednesdays in Markham

Hello Magic World! This is my first blog for Three Kingdoms Games since the launch of our new website. We’re going to be posting articles regularly on the site, so stay tuned!

In our efforts to continue to grow the Magic community at Markham, we have established a few weekly events for different formats, such as commander on Tuesday’s, Standard Showdown on Saturdays, FNM drafts on Friday, and a recent change to the weekly Modern Constructed event to be run on Wednesday instead of Thursday. We had a strong interest in a regular modern event from the local players but the key was making sure that there is a steady growth in players to ensure that the event will remain successful in the long run.

The chatter on growing the event was a concerted effort. Players that attended other events outside the store would spread the word, doing their part to bring additional traffic to Markham. Since changing the regular day from Thursdays to Wednesdays, we have seen a steady increase in attendance, from being just the regular local players, to including out-of-neighbourhood visitors that regularly play at multiple stores during the week to get their Modern fix. Average attendance is now 12-14, and continues to grow from there. The player diversity also continues to grow, as we have hosted over 30 different players in recent weeks.

The field today is very diverse, nothing short of an exciting spectrum of the current meta, represented by:

• Jeskai Control • UR Wizards • GW Value

• RB Vampires • RG Aggro • 2x Fish (Merfolk)

• Eldrazi & Taxes • UW Spirits • 5-colour Kiln Fiend

Not to mention a couple of regulars who play Mono-Red Prison and Eldrazi-Tron which are missing in action this week.

Our weekly modern event scene will continue to grow, as the players are hungry for a place to test their mettle, until the next PPTQ/Grand Prix comes around, when their dedication to testing will pay off.


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